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A manual on bathroom copper sink care and maintenance

A bathroom copper sink adds a rustic, earthy appeal to our toilet and bath. And though it is relatively more sensitive than stainless or porcelain sinks, it is surprisingly easier to clean and maintain. This article provides tips on how one can keep a copper sink smooth, shiny and beautiful over the years!

A bathroom copper sink is not a popular choice among homeowners. Most of us are fond of having porcelain or ceramic sinks in the bathroom because they sort of make the room look cleaner and more refreshing to the eyes. However, that doesn’t mean that copper sinks are ugly. In fact, they add a unique, rustic appeal to bathrooms. And do you also know that copper sinks are so intricately created? They are formed by hand from first-rate copper material available in the world today. With that said, you should think about all the effort and time that were spent just creating the sink that you so neglect.

Another advantage of this type of sink is that it is naturally anti-bacterial. Copper has elements that fight harmful bacteria and for this reason, such washbasins are cleaner than stainless or porcelain. In fact, experts say that bacteria can live for days on stainless surfaces. On the other hand, they can only last for hours on copper. Isn’t that amazing? You won’t even have to worry about getting sick or cleaning it from time to time because it naturally repels bacteria. One other benefit of using copper sinks is that when they get deformed, they can still be hammered back into good condition. This characteristic is what we call malleability. It means that copper can be stretched, hammered or modified into different shapes with ease and without breaking.

Now you might ask me, “So if they’re not breakable and they’re naturally anti-bacterial, should I still do any maintenance on it?” Of course, yes. If you don’t want it to deteriorate or to look unpleasant, you have to take care of it just as you do with other fixtures at home. Only this time, you won’t even get stressed out because it’s a breeze to clean and maintain copper sinks. Here are some guidelines you should follow!

1. Clean your copper sink with a sponge (or soft cloth) and dishwashing gel. Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners that can leave nasty stains on its surface.

2. When maintaining the patina finish of your sink, you simply have to use specially manufactured paste or wax that will leave it shiny and smooth. Read instructions and never ever apply anything that’s not supposed to be used on copper surfaces.

3. Keep acids away from your copper sink. Yes, even lemons, oranges and vinegar. Also add tomatoes, mustard, pineapple and any other acid-based food or non-food items. They can and they will damage the patina finish over time.

4. If you want to keep your washbasin in excellent condition, it should not only be rinsed after use. It should also be dried after washing.

5. Don’t even try to clean your copper sink with abrasive cleaners such as steel wool and wire brushes. These can create scratches on the sink.

6. Last but not the least, if you get nasty stains on it and they won’t go away with the help of dishwashing detergents, you can use baking soda. No, you shouldn’t combine it with vinegar. Simply mix baking soda and water to create a paste. Apply the mixture using a sponge; rinse it and then dry it up with a soft cloth.

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